The wallaby was discovered in 1629.
Our company was founded 364 years later.

The wallaby was discovered in 1629.
Our company was founded 364 years later.

Why Wallaby?

I originally wanted to name the company Moon. But this did not correspond to my idea of an agile company that is able to respond flexibly to the needs of customers and the market. In a book about Australia, I read about a species of small Wallaby kangaroos, nimble and fast animals. The name of the company was born all of a sudden."


Our team

Wallaby is an almost entirely female company. Our team includes the following professions - designer, cutter, tailor, seamstress... In our team, we only have qualified colleagues who love their craft and put their hearts into production.

Company from West Bohemia

Our business is based on the traditional textile craft of Podkrušnohoří region. Already at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, there were dozens of manufacturing companies in our region. In the nineties, there was a huge decline in our industry. Our goal is not only to produce high quality products, but also to preserve the skills for future times in our local manufacturing.

Important milestones


A Wallaby is born. We set out on a journey that will prove to be the successful.


We produce the first original products of the Wallaby brand for retail.


The first pieces of corporate clothing travel to neighbouring Slovakia and Germany.


After eight years, we finally make the first pieces of clothing for companies in the Czech Republic.


The collection for the AMI Leipzig Motor Show Is created.


Following the great success of the AMI Leipzig and IAA Frankfurt motor shows collections, we now exportour products to France and Spain. We also start shipping outside of Europe, as far as Martinique and Guadeloupe.


In the "Entrepreneur of the Year" competition organized by Hospodářské noviny (a national business newspaper), we achieved an excellent second place in the regional round of the Karlovy Vary region in 2009. The following year, in 2010, we secured the first place and won the prestigious "Vodafone Company of the Year" award as well.


In 2018, we moved to new premises, where our company is now located.


We survived the COVID-19 years in a fast-paced manner and without interrupting our operations. We sewed over 100,000 face masks and shipped them to five different countries.


The war brought new Ukrainian colleagues into our team, and they are now helping us with production while we support them through their difficult times.


We will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the foundation and operation of our company.

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